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Watch a Panel Discussion on Jack Kirby's 1970s return to Marvel's Captain America


The Kirby Museum's look at Jack Kirby's 1970s Captain America stories begins! "It's a race against the forces who dare to change our history! It's the U.S.A. against the Wall!" It's Captain America & The Falcon 193 & 194 from Fall 1975! Join Rand Hoppe and Tom Kraft as they share photocopies of pencil art & original art from the Museum's Digital Archive, context, analogies, bon mots & more!


Coming Up: "The Best of Simon & Kirby's Mainline Comics" Collects Duo's 1950s Multi-Genre Work

Out next summer, this will be a nice addition to the growing library of books focused on the pioneering work of Marvel Universe co-creator Jack Kirby.

Details from TwoMorrows Publishing:


Introduction by JOHN MORROW

In 1954, industry legends JOE SIMON and JACK KIRBY founded MAINLINE PUBLICATIONS to publish their own comics during that turbulent era in comics history. The four titles—BULLSEYE, FOXHOLE, POLICE TRAP, and IN LOVE—looked to build off their reputation as hit makers in the Western, War, Crime, and Romance genres, but the 1950s backlash against comics killed any chance at success, and Mainline closed its doors just two years later. For the first time, TwoMorrows Publishing is compiling the best of Simon & Kirby’s Mainline comics work, including all of the stories with S&K art, as well as key tales with contributions by MORT MESKIN and others. After the company’s dissolution, their partnership ended with Simon leaving comics for advertising, and Kirby taking unused Mainline concepts to both DC and Marvel. This collection bridges the gap between Simon & Kirby’s peak with their 1950s romance comics, and the lows that led to Kirby’s resurgence with CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN and the early MARVEL UNIVERSE. With loving art restoration by CHRIS FAMA, and an historical overview by JOHN MORROW to put it all into perspective, the BEST OF SIMON & KIRBY’S MAINLINE COMICS presents some of the final, and finest, work Joe and Jack ever produced.


256-page COLOR HARDCOVER • $49.95 • (Digital Edition) $15.99