Pop Culture Roundup: Jack Kirby; Ann Morgan Guilbert; Judy Jetson, more

Hey, even Jack Kirby made mistakes. Check out "Kid" Robson's series on "Kirby Kock-ups," such as when the King gave Reed Richards two left hands, as depicted in the splash page below.


BBC Radio 3 has presenting a series focused on birdsong, included recordings of musicians dueting with the natural sound of birds singing. Gorgeous stuff you can listen to here.


Sad new: Anne Morgan Guilbert, who played the Petrie's neighbor, Millie, on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" died at age 87 on June 14.


More sad news: Janet Waldo, the actress who provided the original voice of daughter Judy on "The Jetsons," passed away at age 96 on June 12.

Waldo also provided the voice of Penelope Pitstop and of Josie from "Josie and the Pussycats."

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