Pop Culture Roundup: Neal Adams and Shazam; Captain America statue

A typically frank interview with comics great Neal Adams.
I loved the old Captain Marvel, and I do not understand why Marvel Comics does not turn over the rights to Captain Marvel to DC Comics so I can have a Captain Marvel comic book.

You don't call him "Shazam"?

[Adams' expression cannot be summed up succinctly]

Stan Lee stole it out from under DC. Just out of courtesy they should return it. But businessmen don't do things like that, and so they suck. Look, lawyers suck and businessmen suck. I'm sorry. As much as I'm a businessman, and I have to be a businessman, there are moments when I suck. I will have a thought and go, "That really sucks. Neal, you're an asshole, don't think like that." But businessmen think that way. Nothing is gained by not being kind and courteous. Marvel gets nothing out of Captain Marvel that they couldn't out of "Fred" or "Joe." Why don't they return it to DC so at least DC can make up for the crap they gave to Fawcett and turn out a Captain Marvel comic book? I'd like it. I love Captain Marvel. I'd love to see a Captain Marvel movie. Wouldn't that be great?

A 13-foot statue of Captain America is set to go on permanent display in Brooklyn.
Marvel Entertainment and parent company Disney will unveil a 13-foot-tall bronze Captain America statue at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, which will then be toured around the nation before arriving at its final destination, Brooklyn's Prospect Park.
The statue will feature the hero holding his shield aloft, with an inscription reading, "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn" — a line uttered by Chris Evans' cinematic version of the character in Marvel Studios' Captain America: The First Avenger.
Except, shouldn't that statue be in New York's Lower East Side, birthplace of Cap's co-creator Jack Kirby?

Whichever, I figure - it's just cool that Cap is getting a statue. I hope it'll include an inscription mentioning that he was created by Kirby and Joe Simon.

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