Another "Batman Begins" review

From USA Today:

...Batman 5 (* * ½ out of four) reverses the order of Mike Tyson's weekend bout: The early going - say, an hour - is spent in a fatigued daze. A few powerful jabs eventually punch things up.
...The movie finally improves (and starts showing a sense of humor) back home in Gotham. Bruce returns to don the duds and start going mobile in his famous wheels. It's all to fight a nefarious municipal scheme that, among other things, gives Gary Oldman, who is one of many welcome and familiar character actors, a rare chance to play a good guy.

Two more things to note: No fan of cult director Christopher Nolan is going to regard this respectable effort as anything but a comedown from 2001's Memento. And since the previous Batman movies, we've had the potent Spider-Man duo, which impressively gave us "lively" and "brooding" at the same time.

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