Pink Feud

You've probably heard the Pink Floyd is reuniting for one of those "Live 8" concerts, and it's surprising news to anyone who's followed the history of the group.

These guys--particularly bassinst Roger Waters and guitarist Dave Gilmour--really, really have a hard time getting along.

The Independent has a detailed look at one of rock's greatest feuds:

As the new millennium got under way, Gilmour, self-confessedly inarticulate, explained why he still didn't talk to Waters. "Roger's a prick," he said.

Undercutting Waters' old gripes about meaningless stadium rock concerts done for the money, Gilmour appeared in 2001 at the South Bank Meltdown Festival. Three years later, Nick Mason, the only other surviving original Floyd member, published his own version of Floyd history, Inside Out.

Mason, a self-confessed mediator, wrote in his book of the band's early approach to relationships: "We had a style - if there's a problem, ignore it." No change there, then. Typically, neither Gilmour nor Waters originally wanted the book published. Perhaps he should have called it I Used To Be In Pink Floyd, But Now I'm Alright.

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  1. bottom line - it ain't a REAL floyd reunion unless Syd's there...