Quick hits

Last May's Cream reunion in London will be documented in a live concert DVD due out from Rhino Records Oct. 4, Billboard reports.

Basic Hip Oddio is featuring a bunch of 1950s and 60s commercial jingles for download.

Not only will James "Spike" Marsters appear as Brainiac during the upcoming season of "Smallville," the show is doing a tongue-in-cheek riff on "Buffy" as well.

Looks like that freaky British "Lost" site has an update.

Marvel Comics is planning a 40th wedding anniversary celebration for Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

SciFi Wire has some fresh "X-Men 3" casting rumors.

The fourth season of "The Brady Bunch" is due out Nov. 1. That's the one where they go to Hawaii!

Dial B for Blog examines the link between Elvis and Captain Marvel Jr.

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