Quick hits

Mike Sterling remembers the Calculator (and when Batman used to laugh).

The Hollywood Reporter has a review of Terry Gilliam's "The Brothers Grimm": "[The film] emerges as a folkloric adventure that intermittently entertains. The central problem is that Gilliam never figures out what movie he wants to make. "Grimm" ranges from 18th century slapstick to pure fairy tale and from Monty Python absurdity to a semi-serious meditation on the collision between rationalist convictions and mystical beliefs." Yahoo! Movies has an exclusive clip from the flick.

The New York Times has an obituary of electronic music pioneer Robert Moog.

You can now watch old eps of "Doctor Who" and "Red Dwarf" on your mobile phone. Why you'd want to do this, I don't know.

What was in Buddy Holly's overnight bag?

BBC Radio plans a John Peel Day for Oct. 13.


Via Cognitive Dissonance: Which Doctor Who are you?