Quick hits

Hmmm, who will Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") be playing on the revived "Doctor Who"? (Don't click if ya don't want spoilers).

Denver libraries have ended their subscriptions to those spicey fotonovelas.

Comic Richard Lewis remembers summer camp with Larry David.

Arist Darwyn Cooke has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, which includes his revival of Will Eisner's "The Spirit" and other projects.

Short clips of Joss Whedon's upcoming "Serenity" are turning up online.

CBS News has posted a few images from Ron Howard's upcoming adaptation of The DaVinci Code."

Volume 2 of "Superman: The Animated Series" and Volume 4 of "Batman: The Animated Series" are out Dec. 6.

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