Electric Tiki's "Flash Gordon" statue

Nice lookin'.

From the press release:

Electric Tiki Presents the 3rd statue in its Classic Heroes Collection, the Interplanetary Space Adventurer, Flash Gordon. Throughout many years since his creation by the Legendary artist Alex Raymond, loyal fans have explored the stars with him and few comics have captured readers' imaginations like Flash Gordon, who helped set the standard for science fiction adventure. An all-american athlete, kidnapped from Earth and thrust into the middle of a raging war on the distant planet Mongo, where he battled wits with Ming the Merciless, self-proclaimed emperor of the universe.

At app. 12" tall here we have Flash in all his glory, eyes looking towards outer space, poised and ready with his laser gun. He is standing on asteroids which surround the planet Mongo. Authentically detailed and a must for all Flash Gordon fans young and old. Includes Certificate of Authenticity and comes in a special decorated collector box!

Designed and sculpted by Ruben Procopio. Strictly limited to 500 statues. SRP $150.

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