Quick hits

A batch of musicians are getting together to cover the Buzzcocks' "Ever Fallen in Love," one of John Peel's favorite tunes as a tribute to the late DJ. Participating: Pete Shelley, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, David Gilmour, Peter Hook from New Order and Jeff Beck along with the Futureheads, El Presidente and the Datsuns. Should make for an interesting racket.

The Disney adaptation of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" is set to premiere in London.

The first Asterix book in four years is out Oct. 14.

A look at Neil Gaimin's new book.

Director Joss Whedon may squeeze in another film, a thriller titled "Goner," between "Serenity" and his take on "Wonder Woman".

Online promotion is underway for "Southland Tales," a sci-fi flick starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. A series of graphic novels tying into the film is also planned.

Mile High Comics has previews of DC's ABC A To Z: Tom Strong and Jack B Quick, Batman: Journey Into Knight #2, Jack Cross #2, Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere #4, Silent Dragon #3 and Vigilante #1 and Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #524, Black Widow 2 #1, Cable/Deadpool #20, Daredevil #77, Defenders #3, Drax The Destroyer #1, Hulk: Destruction #3, New Warriors #4, Sentry #1 and Wolverine #33.

Via the Comics Reporter: This is the closest thing to an interview with "Calvin and Hobbes" creator Bill Watterson as you're likely to ever see. On the same front, Mark Evanier discusses one strip that was altered for the new "Complete Calvin and Hobbes" collection.

Dial B Blog proves you can't go wrong with evil twins.

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