Quick hits

Continuing with the daily links to Dial B for Blog: Here's a cool look at a 1966 paperback examining "High Camp Superheroes," penned by none other than Superman creator Jerry Siegel.

Mark Evanier takes a closer look at those "Get Smart" comic books here and here.

Amy Acker of "Angel" fame will be appearing on "Alias" this season. Possible spoilers.

The "Buffy" factor on "Veronica Mars" heightens. I gotta check out that show.

Mark Hammill, who played the Trickster in the live-action "Flash" TV series way back will voice the villain in an upcoming episode of "Justice League Unlimited," Comics Continuum reports.

Marvel is doing another exclusive comic for U.S. troops.

"I learned about sex from 'Betty and Veronica,' economics from 'Donald Duck,' and philosophy from 'Peanuts,'...I should have been prepared when aliens took over the government." And more great stuff from Art Spiegelman.

Hey Art! You can learn about physics in comic books too.

TV Guide checks out the revived "Night Stalker."

Toon Zone has some images from the upcoming "Batman Vs. Dracula" DVD.

The return of Kate Bush.