New Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys graphic novels

Out from Papercutz in December:

"The Girl Who Wasn't There"

Stefan Petrucha, writer
Sho Murase, artist

Nancy gets a call for help late one night from a girl she befriended
over the phone when getting technical support to help fix her
computer. When the line goes dead, Nancy is determined to get to the
bottom of things. Soon, Nancy, her Dad, and friends George and Bess
are on their way to India to find Kalpana, the girl who wasn¹t there!
It's only a matter of time before Nancy is captured by Sahadev the
crime lord and is being sacrificed to Kali!
Available in paperback or collector's hardcover.


Scott Lobdell, writer
Daniel Rendon, artist

Frank and Joe Hardy finish up a case helping a fellow ATAC (American
Teens Against Crime) agent, who sharp-eyed fans may recognize despite
her Alias. Things seem to quiet down when ATAC sends Frank and Joe
undercover to investigate a new Mall opening in Bayport, due to
several suspicious accidents there. But things get exciting when the
night before the big opening, Joe, Frank, and seven others are
mysteriously locked in the mall -with a murderer on the loose. If
that wasn't enough, everything that could go horribly wrong in a
mall, does. A flood caused by water beds. An electrocution at an
electronics shop. A bow and arrow used to kill in the Sporting Goods
store. A runaway elevator. A damsel in distress in the dress shop.
Fire in the food court. And much, much more.
Available in paperback or collector's hardcover.

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