Top 10 bestselling graphic novels, DVDs, CDs and action figures/toys

From Amazon:

Graphic Novels

1. Watchmen (Absolute Edition)

2. Batman: Year One Deluxe Edition

3. Watchmen

4. Black Hole

5. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

6. Batman: The Long Halloween

7. V for Vendetta

8. Identity Crisis

9. Bone: One Volume Edition

10. A History of Violence


1. Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen Edition)

2. Batman Begins (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)

3. Alias - The Complete Fourth Season

4. Cinderella (Disney Special Platinum Edition)

5. Lost - The Complete First Season

6. Firefly - The Complete Series

7. The Wizard of Oz (Three-Disc Collector's Edition)

8. Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Full Screen Edition)

9. Titanic - Special Collector's Edition (1997)

10. The L Word - The Complete Second Season


1. Thanks For The Memory...The Great American Songbook IV ~ Rod Stewart

2. Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook [DualDisc] ~ Bette Midler

3. A Time To Love ~ Stevie Wonder

4. Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane [Live]

5. Prairie Wind ~ Neil Young

6. Confessions on a Dance Floor ~ Madonna

7. Timeless ~ Martina McBride

8. Playing the Angel ~ Depeche Mode

9. Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled ~ Melissa Etheridge

10. Born to Run: 30th Anniversary 3-Disc Set [Original recording remastered] ~ Bruce Springsteen

Toys and Action Figures

1. Mr. Potato Head Darth Tater

2. Star Wars Build Your Own Lightsaber

3. Batman Begins Deluxe Batmobile

4. Power Rangers S.P.D. Delta Command Megazord

5. Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet

6. NFL Legends Figure: Barry Sanders Detroit Lions Blue Jersey

7. Batman Begins 6" Ultra Armor Figure: Laser Blaster Batman

8. Mystery Machine Ghost Patrol (Scooby Doo)

9. Batman Begins Action Cape Batman Figure

10. Power Rangers SWAT Command Truck

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