The Velvet Underground: "Who Loves the Sun" -- Today's Best Song Ever

Sunshine pop from these dark-glasses and leather-clad refugees from Warhol's Factory? Yup.

The opening track of the band's final studio album, some fans at the time probably thought they'd picked up an album by the wrong group. But "Sun" is indeed the post-John Cale Velvets in an especially tuneful mood.

The song is marked by lovely, chiming guitar and cheerful group harmonies that bely the heartbroken lyrics ("Who Loves the Sun / Who loves the sun / Who cares that it makes plants grow / Who cares what it does / Since you broke my heart"). It even goes into Fifth Dimension-esqe "ba ba bas" on the chorus.

It coulda/shoulda been a hit. Instead, it serves as the first of several excellent tunes on Loaded, which also includes the Lou Reed classics "Rock And Roll" and "Sweet Jane."

Available: via iTunes and the remastered, expanded version of Loaded.