Quick hits

A new lineup for new wavers The Cars features Todd Rundgren as lead singer, not Ric Ocasek.

Booksteve pays tribute to underground cartoonist Gilbert Shelton.

Courtesy Mike Sterling: Everything you need to know about the vastly underappreciated Aqualad.

The third official "Lost" podcast is available.

Pioneering guitarist Link Wray (likely best known for the proto-surf instro "Rumble") has passed away and PCL LinkDump has all sorts of tribute links. Record Brother shares a few tunes. And Spread the Good Word shares some more.

The Guardian counts down the "Top 20 Geek Novels."

A series of "Veronica Mars" trading cards is planned.

James Bond's Aston Martin, featured in "Goldfinger" and "Thunderball," is up for auction. Note: In the interest of safety, the car's notorious ejector seat has been replaced by a normal seat.