Doctor Who books and toys 2005

Great Britain is in the midst of Whomania, thanks to this past year's revival of TV's longest-running sci-fi series.

The new series is set to air sometime/somewhere on U.S. television next year and is due out on DVD Feb. 14.

Whether it will generate the same excitement here as there remains to be seen. But here's a look at some of the recent Who items now available overseas.

Doctor Who Toys

Radio Control Dalek

Mini Radio Control Dalek Battle Pack

3D Character Walkie Talkies

LCD Dalek Spaceship

Electronic Sonic Screwdriver

Tardis Talking Money Bank

Dalek Triangular Quartz Analogue Watch

Doctor Who Talking Bottle Opener

Doctor Who Board Game

Doctor Who Puzzle

Doctor Who Puzzle

Doctor Who Novels

"Doctor Who", Only Human

"Doctor Who", The Stealers of Dreams

"Doctor Who", The Deviant Strain

"Doctor Who", Monsters Inside

"Doctor Who", The Clockwise Man

Doctor Who: Winner Takes All

Doctor Who Audio Documentary

Doctor Who: Project Who?

Other Doctor Who Books

"Doctor Who": The Legend Continues

"Doctor Who", Monsters and Villains

"Doctor Who" Quiz Book

Back to the Vortex

Doctor Who: The TARDIS Manual: Includes Build Your Own TARDIS Model

Doctor Who: Intergalactic Activity Book

Doctor Who: Sticker Guide

Doctor Who Funfax