Pop Culture Roundup

Jessica Simpson: Bond girl? Charlize Theron said no to the part.

Comics/TV scribe/history and one-time Jack Kirby assistant Mark Evanier celebrates his fifth anniversary of blogging. Congrats Mark! Your site is a daily spot for me.

A DVD focusing on the Velvet Underground's 1993 reunion tour is out Jan. 24 from Rhino Records. "Velvet Redux: Live MCMXCIII" features live performances of VU classics such as "Heroin," "Pale Blue Eyes," "Rock'n'Roll" and "Sweet Jane."

Mexicovers is a new-to-me blog presenting great south-of-the-borderish exotica music, along with the cool cover art.

Dial B for Blog presents another of his favorite comic book Christmas stories (this one's a fave of mine, too): "The Silent Night of the Batman," from the era when the Caped Crusader was heroic enough to belt out a Christmas carol, not sulk around like a constipated ninja all the time.

Fred Hembeck shares his first attempts at scripting a comic.

TV Guide reports on the end of "Alias."

Frank Miller says he wants to make five "Sin City" films.

There's an animated flick coming out soon, but a third live-action Conan film is supposedly in the works too. No word on whether the one-terminator will be back.

The BBC has a report on rare, early Disney films, sketches and background drawings found in Japan.