Best Beatles Sites on the Web

What Goes On: Beatles News
Good site for the latest news, TV and magazine alerts, updates on releases, etc.
Intelligent discussion among knowledgeable fans.

Beatles Ultimate Experience: Press clippings
A collection of clippings/interviews from the 1960s.

What's Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List
An in-depth guide to sonic oddities--glitches, mistakes, rough edits, etc.--in the Beatles' recordings. Does somebody really say "Hit me with a pizza" in the background of "Across the Universe"?

The Usenet Guide to Beatles Recording Variations
A look at how the mono/stereo, American/British versions of the Beatles' official release vary in sound.

Beatles at the Bootleg Zone
Excellent database providing information on unofficial Fabs' releases.

Beatle Money
Facts about the Beatles' ill-fated business/record company, Apple Corps.

John Lennon FBI Files
Author John Weiner presents information culled from the FBI's 1960s and 70s surveillance files on the late Beatle.

Paul McCartney: Official site
The latest news, a bio, discography and more.

The Get Back Sessions
A handy site for tracking down the best bootlegs from the 1969 sessions that led to the Let it Be album.

Beatles CD discography

Please Please Me

With the Beatles

A Hard Day's Night

Beatles for Sale


Rubber Soul


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour

Yellow Submarine

The Beatles ("The White Album")

Let It Be

Abbey Road

Past Masters, Vol. 1

Past Masters, Vol. 2

Live at the BBC

Anthology 1

Anthology 2

Anthology 3

The Beatles 1

Let It Be... Naked

The Capitol Albums Vol. 1

The Capitol Albums Vol. 2


Beatles DVDs

Recommended Books about the Beatles

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