New and upcoming action figures July 27, 2006

Complete List of Marvel Legends Action Figures
Complete List of DC Direct Action Figures

Here's a look at action figures available via your local comics shop or via the TIP!-supporting links below:

Batman Lego Sets
--The Batmobile: Two-Face's Escape (7781)
--The Batman Dragster: Catwoman Pursuit (7779)
--The Batwing: The Joker's Aerial Assault (7782)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
--Sunnydale High School Playset
--Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action Figures: Xander, Cordelia and Xander w/ Patch
--Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action Figures: “Destiny” Angel and “Destiny” Spike Set of 2
--Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action Figures: Pylean Princess Cordelia
--Buffy the Vampire Slayer Action Figures: Angel and Spike Hawaiian Shirt Box Set

DC Direct Action Figures

Alex Ross Justice League Action Figures Series 3
--Green Lantern
--The Joker
--Plastic Man
--Wonder Woman
--Poison Ivy

Alex Ross Justice League Action Figures Series 4
--Black Adam
--Solomon Grundy

Batman Dark Victory
--Commissioner Gordon
--Robin and Penguin

Batman/Superman: The Return of Supergirl Action Figures
--Corrupted Supergirl

Crisis on Infinite Earths Series 3
--Weaponer of Qward
--Doctor Light
--Superboy prime

DC Direct Reactivated Action Figures
--Wonder Woman

DC 13-inch Figures
Deluxe Edition 13-inch Green Lantern
Deluxe Edition 13-inch Lex Luthor
Deluxe Edition 13-inch Two-Face
Deluxe Edition 13-inch Aquaman

Elseworlds Action Figures Series 2
--Red Son Batman
--Red Son President Superman
--Kingdom Come Jade
--Kingdom Come Spectre and Norman McKay
--Gotham By Gaslight Batman

Green Lantern Action Figures Series 2
--Manhunter Robot
--Guy Gardner

Infinite Crisis Action Figures Series 1
--Earth Prime Superboy
--Alexander Luthor

New Frontier Action Figures Series 1
--Green Lantern
--Wonder Woman
--Green Arrow
--Black Hawk

JSA Action Figures
--Mr. Terrific
--Dr. Midnite
--Golden Age Atom 2-pack

Who's Who in the DC Universe Miniature Figures Series One

Hanna Barbera Action Figures
--Set of Five
--Fred Flintstone Chopper
--Hong Kong Phooey
--Quick Draw McGraw
--Tom and Jerry Music
--Tom and Jerry House

John Lennon
--JOHN LENNON 18" Action Figure

Marvel Figure Factory Sets
--Black Costume Spider-Man
--Invisible Woman
--Silver Surfer

Marvel Legends Action Figures
Marvel Monsters Gift Pack
Young Avengers Gift Pack

Marvel Legends Series 14
--Original Armor Iron Man (variant)
--Baron Zemo (variant)
--Luke Cage: Powerman
--The Falcon (variant)

Marvel Legends Series 15
--Beta Ray Bill
--Moon Knight
--Spider-Woman (variant)
--Quicksilver (variant)
--Thor-Buster Iron Man
--Wasp (variant)
--Captain Marvel (variant)

Marvel Legends Exclusive Giant-Man Series
--Giant Man
--Ant Man
--Captain Britain
--Kitty Pryde
--Weapon X
--Weapon X variant
--Sentry Variant

Marvel Legends Face Off Twin Packs
--Kingpin Vs. Daredevil (variant)
--Hulk Vs. The Leader (variant)
--Captain America Vs. The Red Skull (variant)

Marvel Legends Icons Series
--Captain America (variant)
--Iron Man (variant)
--Wolverine (variant)
--Venom (variant)
--Spider-Man (variant)
--Hulk (variant)

Marvel Legends Masterworks Sets
--Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin
--Fantastic Four Vs. Mole Man
--Hulk Vs. The Thing
--Galactus Vs. Everybody

Marvel Legends Showdown
--Mister Fantastic and Mole Man
--Colossus and Magneto
--Ghostrider and Vengeance
--Logan and Chopper
--Namor and Shark
--Green Goblin
--Beast (variant)
--Juggernaut (variant)
--Elektra (variant)
-- Silver Surfer
-- Spider-Man and Thing
-- Wolverine and Hulk
-- Dock Ock
-- Black Costume Spider-Man
-- Punisher
-- Doctor Doom
-- Captain America
-- Human Torch

Marvel Mega Morphs
--The Thing
--Iron Man

Marvel Select Figures
--Moon Knight
--Cloak and Dagger

Marvel Studios
--Dr. Doom with Mask
--Dr. Doom unmasked

Star Wars Transformers
--Millennium Falcon With Han Solo and Chewbacca

X-Men 3 Action Figures
--Air Strike Wolverine
--Stealth Cyclops
--Tech Gear Beast