Upcoming Doc Savage and Shadow reprints

Nostalgia Ventures Inc. continues its official reprinting of the Doc Savage and Shadow pulp novels with these releases:

“Fortress of Solitude” and “The Devil Genghis”
The Man of Bronze returns as the pulps' greatest superman confronts The Devil Genghis, John Sunlight, a mad genius armed with incredible scientific inventions stolen from Doc Savage’s Fortress of Solitude. Doc Savage and his Iron Crew return in two thrilling novels by Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson. This double-novel volume reprints both appearances of Doc Savage's greatest enemy, the diabolical John Sunlight.

This 7"x10" trade paperback marks the return of Lester Dent's original Doc Savage novels after a 15-year hiatus. Doc Savage Magazine was one of the most popular of the hero pulps, published from 1933 through 1949 by Street & Smith as the sister publication to The Shadow Magazine. The Doc Savage pulp novels were reprinted by Bantam between 1964 and 1991, and created a publishing sensation as the first numbered series of paperback adventure novels.

Doc Savage #1 features the original pulp cover paintings by Emery Clarke from the October and December 1938 issues of Doc Savage, along with the original interior illustrations by Paul Orban. Doc Savage #1 also comes in a variant cover edition featuring art by James Bama. Both cover versions will reprint both of the original pulp covers in smaller size on the back cover. Nostalgia Ventures, softcover, 7x10. B&W, $12.95

Fans may notice strong similarities between a certain blockbuster summer film and the plot of Lester Dent's 1938 novel, "Fortress of Solitude." Clark Savage Jr., the Man of Bronze, was a major influence on the creation and development of Clark Kent, the Man of Steel, including of course his arctic "Fortress of Solitude." This double-novel volume reprints both appearances of Doc Savage's greatest enemy, the diabolical John Sunlight. "If Street & Smith had not published The Shadow and Doc Savage, there might never have been any Superman or Batman," observes popular-culture historian Will Murray, who collaborated with Lester Dent on seven posthumous Doc Savage novels and provides historical commentary in these new volumes. "Between them, Walter Gibson and Lester Dent created the archetype of the superhero, and most of the fiction formulas and trappings of the eternal battle between superhero and supervillain that has come to dominate popular culture in the last 75 years. I like to call Lester Dent 'the Father of the Superhero' because, while Superman and Batman had other influences, both borrowed liberally from Doc Savage, the original owner of the Fortress of Solitude."

“The Chinese Disks” and “Malmordo”

The greatest avenger from the legendary hero pulps returns in two more classic novels by his creator, Walter B. Gibson.

The Shadow's crime-fighting organization became fully-formed in “The Chinese Disks,” the novel which introduces his agents cabby Moe Shrevnitz, reformed former-crooks Hawkeye and Tapper, Pietro and the giant African Jericho Druke. The novel is a sequel to Gibson's first novel, “The Living Shadow,” and features the return of The Shadow's first major foe, Diamond Bert Farwell. Thus, “The Chinese Disks” is not only one of the most significant Shadow mysteries, but also one of the most satisfying,” observes pulp historian Will Murray in his historical commentary to the story.
“Malmordo” is the final Shadow novel completed by Walter Gibson before his 1946 departure following a contract dispute, and ended his initial 15-year run chronicling The Shadow's adventures. Murray observes, “In a very real sense, the series that had finally come together in The Chinese Disks culminated with Malmordo, one of Gibson¹s top tales of the 1940s, and one which features the slimiest villain 'Maxwell Grant' ever created.”
THE SHADOW Volume Two features the original pulp cover by George Rozen and interior illustrations by Tom Lovell, who went on to become one of the 20th century's greatest illustrative painters.
Nostalgia Ventures, softcover, 7x10. B&W, $12.95

“The Red Blot” and “The Voodoo Master”

The Knight of Darkness returns in two more classic pulp thrillers including “The Voodoo Master,” voted the favorite novel in a 1937 Shadow Magazine readers’ poll and again acclaimed as one of the top Shadow novels by pulp fans nearly a half century later. Walter Gibson’s 1936 novel introduces The Shadow’s arch-foe Dr. Rodil Mocquino, the master of black magic who returned in two subsequent novels and several Golden Age comic book stories.

In “The Red Blot” (1933), Lamont Cranston first meets Commissioner Weston (setting up the friendship that would be featured in the famous radio series) and investigates a series of crimes orchestrated by a malevolent mastermind who leaves a bloody mark as his calling card. The trade paperback also features the original pulp covers by George Rozen, all the interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and historical commentary by Will Murray, principal author of "The Duende History of The Shadow Magazine." Nostalgia Ventures, softcover, 7x10. B&W, $12.95

“The King Maker” and “Resurrection Day”
Doc Savage returns in two more great pulp adventures by Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson.

In “Resurrection Day” (first published in 1936), the Man of Bronze perfects a method for resurrecting a dead human being but only one person can be revived. Who will Doc choose?

In “Repel (1937), a strange new element is expelled in a South Pacific volcanic eruption, but falls into the hands of Cadwiller Olden, Doc Savage’s most formidable foe.

The trade paperback also includes a foreword by Peter David (Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk), the original pulp covers by Robert Harris, interior illustrations by Paul Orban and historical articles by Will Murray who collaborated posthumously with Lester Dent on seven new Doc Savage novels published by Bantam.
Nostalgia Ventures, softcover, 7x10. B&W, $12.95


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