DVD: The Complete Uncensored Private Snafu

This one-disk collection is due out Dec. 5 and is available for pre-order for $10.99 now from Amazon.

Commissioned by the military during World War II, this collection of propaganda cartoons has not been seen in over fifty years. Created by the famed animators at Warner Bros. from 1943-1946 and voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc, this DVD presents all twenty-eight Private Snafu cartoons ever released:

    Coming! SNAFU! by Chuck Jones, released June 1943
    Gripes by Friz Freleng, July 1943
    Spies by Chuck Jones, August 1943
    The Goldbrick by Frank Tashlin, September 1943
    The Infantry Blues by Chuck Jones, September 1943
    Fighting Tools by Bob Clampett, October 1943
    The Home Front by Frank Tashin, November 1943
    Rumors by Friz Freleng, December 1943
    Boo by Traps by Bob Clampett, January 1944
    SNAFUperman by Friz Freleng, March 1944
    SNAFU vs Malaria Mike by Chuck Jones, March 1944
    A Lecture on Camouflage by Chuck Jones, April 1944
    Gas by Chuck Jones, May 1944
    Going Home by Chuck Jones, May 1944
    The Chow Hand by Frank Tashlin, June 1944
    Censored by Frank Tashlin, July 1944
    Payday by Friz Freleng, September 1944
    Target SNAFU by Friz Freleng, October 1944
    A Few Quick Facts: Inflation by Osmond Evans, November 1945
    Three Brothers by Friz Freleng, December 1944
    In the Aleutions by Chuck Jones, February 1945
    A Few Quick Facts: Fear by Zach Schwartz, April 1945
    It's Murder She Says... by Chuck Jones, May 1945
    Hot Spot by Friz Freleng, July 1945
    Operation SNAFU by Friz Freleng, July 1945
    No Buddy Atoll by Chuck Jones, October 1945
    Private SNAFU Presents Seaman TARFU by George Gordon, January 1946