Pop Culture Roundup Oct. 23, 2006

A 59-year-old notebook once belonging to country music legend Hank Williams has been reported stolen.

...the notebook, which contains lyrics to several unpublished Williams songs and has a value as high as $250,000.


Mike Sterling provides some comic book investment advice.


Fans of the Doors will wanna check out NPR's Fresh Air for interviews with drummer John Densmore, keyboardist Ray Manzarek and Elektra Records head Jac Holzman.


Happy first blogging anniversary to On My Mind.


Via PCL LinkDump an extensive UK Nancy Sinatra fan club site.


Sharity: Forrest J. Ackerman and Frank Coe Music For Robots


Yahoo! has a sneak peek at tonight's ep of "Heroes."


Monty Python's Terry Jones is recovering from cancer surgery.

Ms Shields said: "Terry's doctors are very cheered with an early diagnosis of possible colon cancer for which he has now had routine surgery in a London private hospital."