Pop Culture Roundup Oct. 30, 2006

Via Bedazzled: Halloween costumes from the 1965 Sears-Roebuck Christmas catalog.


Via BoingBoing: A complete set of covers from the Astounding Stories sci-fi pulp mag.


Sharity: Songs from the first season of TV's "The Munsters."


A new batch of Ricky Gervais podcasts will be available for free download on the UK Guardian's Web site.

"The Office" and "Extras" writer is to produce three seasonal specials for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The podcasts feature new material from Gervais with screenwriting partner Stephen Merchant and oddball Karl Pilkington and will be available for free on Guardian Unlimited on October 31, November 23 and December 25.


Fans and friends of Bill Mantlo have come together to create a tribute book to the comics scribe, who spent years writing for Marvel Comics before being struck by a hit-and-run driver in the early 1990s. Mantlo sustained serious head injuries and can no longer care for himself.

Proceeds from "Bill Mantlo: A Life in Comics" will help pay for the writer's ongoing care. You can learn more here.


Sad news: Gemstone is suspending publication of four of it's Disney comics series due to a rise in paper costs. Affected are Mickey Mouse and Friends, Donald Duck and Friends, Mickey Mouse Adventures and Donald Duck Adventures. Gemstone will continue publishing the "prestige"-formattted Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories, but the price of those will go up from $6.95 to $7.50.

That doesn't mean we'll be seeing less of Donald and Mickey, however:

Gemstone Publishing is moving full steam ahead with plans to make their Walt Disney Treasures an ongoing series; to introduce two new 80-page annuals; and to release several thick-but-inexpensive Shonen Jump-style black and white books per year—some specially targeted to collectors, others to all ages.

More info here.


The South Florida Sun-Sentinel profiles Timely-Atlas comics artist Allen Bellman.

He was 18 when he joined Timely Comics’ New York staff as an illustrator in 1942, and during the next several years he would draw a menagerie of characters: a wartime hero known as the Patriot, the amphibious Sub-Mariner, the fanged toddlers of a tale called Vampire Brats and the hard-boiled homicide cop Mike Trapp of the Let’s Play Detective serial, among others.


Newsarama has a four-page preview of Darwyn Cooke's upcoming "Spirit" comics series.