Pop Culture Roundup Dec. 18, 2006

Via Bat-Blog: A foreign TV commercial featuring Batgirl, Catwoman and Wonder Woman. Not exactly sure what they're trying to sell...

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CBS is considering an animated "Star Trek" show.

The series would most likely be broadcast on the web and be made up of ‘Clone Wars’ like 6-minute mini episodes. The yet-to-be-named project was originally pitched by long-time Trek producer David Rossi (well known to TrekMovie.com readers as a producer on Trek Remastered) along with his producer/writer partners Doug Mirabello and José Muñoz. Rossi sat down with TrekMovie.com for an exclusive look at how he and his partners hope to create a different kind of Trek set in the 26th century.

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Reuters catches up with ex-Monkee Mickey Dolenz.

Dolenz's muse keeps him busy. He just finished playing Charlemagne in the play "Pippin" in Toronto. He's also had two books published this year -- a children's book titled "Gakky Two-Feet" (Putnam, 2006) and a trivia game book titled "Micky Dolenz' Rock 'n Rollin' Trivia" (Square One Publishers, 2006).


Via the Collected Comics Library: We can expect these Marvel Essentials volumes in 2007 (nice to see that Golden Age stuff on the list):

Essential Spider-Woman Vol. 2
Collects Spider-Woman #26-50, Marvel Team-Up #97 and Uncanny X-Men #148

Essential Defenders Vol. 3
no contents yet

Essential Silver Surfer Vol. 2
Collects Silver Surfer (1982) #1, Silver Surfer (1987) #1-18 and Annual 1, and Marvel Fanfare #51

Essential Marvel Two-in-One Vol. 2
Collects Marvel Two-in-One #26-52 and Annual #2-3

Essential Dazzler Vol. 1
Collects Dazzler #1-21, Uncanny X-Men #130-131 and Amazing Spider-Man #203

Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 6
Collects Fantastic Four #111-137

Essential Golden Age Marvel Comics Vol. 1
Collects Marvel Comics #1-8

Essential Golden Age Sub-Mariner Vol. 1
Collects Sub-Mariner Comics #1-8

Essential Golden Age Captain America Vol. 1
Collects Captain America Comics #1-8

Complete list of Marvel Essentials books.


Soundtracks for Marvel Comics' new direct-to-DVD animated movies are available on iTunes.

Each soundtrack is performed by a live orchestra and composed by Emmy Award-winning composer Guy Michelmore

For Ultimate Avengers, Michelmore conducts Seattle's Northwest Sinfonia orchestra and creates an epic soundscape perfectly suited for the action-packed drama of Marvel's first film, highlighted by the sounds of a choir singing Old Norse lyrics describing Thor's mighty battles!

In Ultimate Avengers 2, Michelmore builds on the thematic soundscapes established in the first film and infuses the score with an authentic African sound reflective of the film's Wakandan setting. To achieve this, Michelmore brought in a gospel choir from West London, many of whose families originate from West Africa, to chant words in Swahili and West African languages.

And while the film hasn't been released yet, eager fans can already download the incredible soundtrack to Invincible Iron Man. Michelmore's score for this film weaves two different sounds into a cohesive sonic tapestry, blending the Eastern-tinged music highlighting the movie's flashbacks in China with the sounds of the '30s and '40s, a reflection of the art design of the New York setting.

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Ringo Starr plans an autobiographical documentary film.

A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "To most of the general public, Ringo is still the Liverpudlian who simply got lucky by hooking up with Lennon and McCartney at the right time.

"Less is generally known about Ringo's story. He is speaking to people such as Beatles producer Sir George Martin in the film, and it is hoped people will go away with a better understanding of him."

...The documentary is set to be broadcast on British TV next year.

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Talented cartoonist Jay Stephens has a cool-looking how-to-draw monsters book coming out soon.


Via Drawn!: A Yuletide video from Sufjan Stevens.


Denis Payton, who played sax, guitar and harmonica in the Dave Clark Five, died Sunday.

"He had an amazing philosophy on life and will be greatly missed by me and all who knew him," said Dave Clark, one of the group's founding members. "Denis was extremely brave and not afraid of death."


With our troops bogged down in Iraq, who will protect us from the threat of giant monsters?!

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