Pop Culture Roundup Jan. 26, 2007

Via BoingBoing: Las Vegas police are using Frank Miller "Sin City"-inspired artwork to recruit new officers.


Via Booksteve: Hey! I wonder if I can still get a signed picture of Stan Lee for a buck?


Newsarama has a sneak peek of the upcoming "Sheena of the Jungle" comic.


Fred Hembeck pays tribute to Beach Boy Al Jardine.


Via Drawn!: Using audio from an actual meeting he had at age 14 with John Lennon, a filmmaker has created a short animated flick available here.

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There are promo stills for next week's episode of "Heroes" here.

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A Doctor Who cartoon is in the works, the BBC announces.

David Tennant and Freema Agyeman will star in The Infinite Quest, a 13-part animated adventure that will run weekly in the second series of Totally Doctor Who.

"The Doctor And Martha follow a trail of clues across wild and wonderful alien worlds, to find the location of the legendary lost spaceship, the Infinite," revealed Russell T Davies.

Anthony Head, who played evil headmaster Mr Finch in last season's School Reunion, will guest star as a a new character, Baltazar - Scourge of the Galaxy.

Freema in particular was thrilled to be taking Doctor Who into a whole new world of possibilities.

"I didn't think my Doctor Who experience could get any more thrilling but I was absolutely blown away when they approached me about the new animation series!

"The prospect of becoming a cartoon character was both exciting and also a bit nerve-wracking as it was the first time I have been asked to do voice-over work," she said.

"But I needn't have worried - my first session involved being in a small recording room with David, Anthony Head and Toby Longworth - and all of us falling about with laughter as we tried to imagine the movements of the cartoon characters and how mad it all seemed! It was such a fun experience and now I can't wait to see how it all looks!"

The Infinite Quest is written by Alan Barnes and directed by Gary Russell. The spectacular animation will be crafted by Firestep, the creative team behind previous Doctor Who animated adventures for the BBC. Thanks to developments in animation and computer technology, expect some amazing advances on previous animations.

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