1930s, '40s Nancy Drew films coming to DVD

Out May 8, the "Nancy Drew Movie Mystery Collection" collects four films featuring the teen sleuth on two DVDs.

Included are: "Nancy Drew, Detective"; "Nancy Drew, Reporter"; "Nancy Drew, Troubleshooter" and "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase."

More info from Warner Home Video:

In 1930, the Nancy Drew mystery series debuted in print, captivating girls everywhere. In 1938, the teen detective came to the screen in the first of four Warner Bros. films starring the undeniably charming Bonita Granville, fresh from her Oscar-nominated performance in 1936's These Three. The four films in the collection follow Nancy as she seeks a missing heiress (in Nancy Drew, Detective), investigates a poisoning (Nancy Drew, Reporter), clears a family friend accused of murder (Nancy Drew, Troubleshooter) and faces death in a haunted mansion's secret tunnel (Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase).

The Nancy Drew book series has lasted for generations, selling to date more than 100 million worldwide copies in 22 languages. This summer, star Emma Roberts brings a fresh look to the young sleuth when she stars in Warner Bros.' new, adventuresome remake premiering nationwide in theatres June 15.

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