Pop Culture Roundup Feb. 26, 2007

Via Boing Boing: How to crochet a Dalek. Also: Make your own Dharma Initiative snacks.


Virgin Comics and the Sci Fi Channel are joining forces on a new comics line.

Five new comic book titles will kick off the joint venture, dubbed Sci Fi/Virgin Comics. Details on those titles are forthcoming, but the idea is to create original properties that will be eyed across all media.


Datajunkie posts another nice batch of Wally Wood art from the Galaxy sci fi mag.


Papercutz is launching an updated version of EC Comics' Tales from the Crypt anthology title geared toward younger readers.

Papercutz Editor, Jim Salicrup, explained the apparent contradiction of a youth-oriented imprint publishing the very comic book series that Dr. Wertham used as example "A" to blame comics for juvenile delinquency in the 1950s as follows: "Everyone loves scary stories, especially kids, and the Tales From the Crypt style of dark humor with shock endings truly appeals to all ages, not unlike Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Despite the furor over horror comics in the '50s that led to the demise of most of the EC line, people forget that those comics were created for all ages. Ironically, most of the original Crypt comics would be approved by the Comics Code today."

The first issue ships in June.


The old Warren publishing titles Creepy and Eerie are being revived, too, but in this case as it's TV and/or film properties.

Though both Creepy and Eerie have horror and sci-fi elements, duo will likely develop Creepy as more of a horror project and Eerie as a sci-fi brand, execs said.

While a younger generation may not be aware of the brands or the comic books, Josh Braun said that auds will find much of that they like about contemporary genre films and TV embedded in these earlier properties.


A new hardcover book series focusing on "Mad's Greatest Artists" is coming soon.

Don Martin will be the subject of the first of the Mad's Greatest Artists releases, a two-volume, 1,200 page slipcased hardcover that will have a retail price of $150.


Check out a sneak peek at tonight's "Heroes" ep.


On My Mind presents a comic book cover gallergy from Wonder Woman's "mod" stage.