Lost clues: "Through the Looking Glass" ep. 22, season 3


We see a bearded Jack, very drunk and messed up, flying on a passenger plane. He spots an article or obituary in a newspaper and becomes very upset.

Later, we see him driving on a bridge in Los Angeles, calling somebody on a cell phone, still very upset. He leaves a jumbled message on an answering machine, then pulls over. He climbs up on the bridge railing and is about to jump off when a car approaching in the other direction crashes. He jumps down and rushes to the accident.

Later, we learn Jack has rescued a woman and her son from the car and he's viewed as a hero. But we know he was the cause of the crash. The woman saw him about the jump, got distracted and lost control of her car.

Throughout these scenes, Jack is very messed up on alcohol and prescription drugs. We see him go a funeral home to view the casket of the person in the article/obit, but the casket is closed and Jack tells the funeral director he doesn't want to see the body.

Meanwhile, in the present time, Jack leads the plane crash survivors to the radio tower, where they hope to make contact with Naomi's crew on the satellite phone once Charlie turns off the jamming signal in the underwater Looking Glass station.

Charlie, however, has been captured by two Others in the station, Bonnie and Greta. They've contacted Ben, who has sent Mikhail to the station to handle the situation. Desmond, meanwhile, is knocked out in an outrigger canoe up above the Looking Glass.

Sayid, Bernard and Jin are on the beach and, when the Others arrive, set off the expolosives in the tents, killing several of the Others. However, Jin misses his target when trying to set off his batch of the dynamite and some of the Others survive, capturing Sayid, Bernard and Jin.

We also see Locke, left for dead in the ditch after being shot by Ben. He looks like a goner but then a vision of Walt shows up and tells him to get up, he has things to do.

On the way to the tower, Jack and the rest realize the ambush has gone wrong, they don't see the third batch of dynamite blow. Sawyer and Juliet turn back, heading back to the beach to help Sayid, Bernard and Jin.

Meanwhile, Ben--taking Alex with him--is off to intercept Jack and party at the radio tower, which he does. He tells Jack this is a mistake. Naomi isn't who she says--she'll bring people to the island who have been looking for it for a long time and they'll kill everyone. Jack doesn't believe him. Ben gets on his walkie and orders Sayid, Bernard and Jin killed and Jack believes all three are shot dead. He beats Ben up and takes him captive.

On the beach, Sawyer and Juliet--with Hurley, who has arrived like the calvary driving the Dharma bus--rescue the three captives.

Back in the water, Desmond revives and dives off the canoe and swims into the Looking Glass when Mikhail starts shooting at him. Down below there's an altercation and Bonnie, Greta are killed while Mikhail is wounded and goes missing. Charlie turns off the jamming signal and immediately intercepts a TV message from Penelope Widmore, who is confused by the mention of Naomi. Penelope didn't send her. Outside his underwater window, Charlie spots Mikhail, who has a grenade and pulls the pin, shattering the glass and flooding the room. Charlie bolts the door and drowns but not before alerting Desmond that Naomi isn't who she says.

At the radio tower, Naomi makes contact with her people but is killed by an amazingly revived Locke who tells Jack not to make the call. But Jack does and it sounds as if help is on the way.

The episode ends back with messed up Jack. He's distraught in his home and makes a call, telling someone to meet him at the airport. Later he's there and a car arrives, it's Kate. What we took as a flashback was actaully a flash forward. They got off the island, but Jack seems to think they made a mistake. He shows Kate the clipping, but neither says who it refers to. Jack says they need to go back, but Kate looks troubled and doesn't say much. She leaves and the episode ends with him standing alone.

Clues and observations:

* Who's in the coffin?!! Here's a view of the clipping. And here's some speculation. The gist is it's somebody we haven't met yet.

* Who was Naomi working for? Penelope's dad, Mr. Widmore, perhaps? Does he have an interest in the island and somehow know Desmond ended up there?

* What's the relationship between Ben's people and Naomi's?

* Are Naomi's people in the Dharma Initiative or related to it? Did Ben have a real reason for killing off the Dharma crew? What were they up to that he saw as a threat? What is he protecting the island from and why do other people want the island?

* What's going to happen when Naomi's people show up? Is Ben telling the truth?

* Juliet tells Sawyer the Others are building a runway. What for?

* What is the mistake Jack feels he made? Does he really intend to go back to the island?

* In the flash forward, Jack refers to his dad as if he's still alive? Is he? Or is Jack just really messed up?