Pop Culture Roundup May 30, 2007

Deal alert: Get the Marvel Legends Young Avengers and Monster gift packs for $14.99 each.


More deal alerts: Amazon has the Lego Star Wars V-Wing Fighter on sale for $9.99, plus assorted other Lego deals. Plus, there are deals on model cars from Shyne Rodz and Road Signature.


You can check out a couple of interesting new audio documetaries on the BBC: "Star Wars 30th Anniversary," "The Traveling Wilburies Revisited."


Via the Hollywood Animation Archive: A remembrance of cartoonist Milt Caniff by his nephew Harry Grant Guyton.


What will the new Hulk film be about (other than, you know, not wanting to hulk out, but hulking out anyway and then destroying lots of stuff)? Here's a plot preview.

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