Pop Culture Roundup July 31, 2007

According to what he said at the recent San Diego Comicon International, Joss Whedon has a couple new "Buffy"-related projects coming up: First the current "Buffy" comic from Dark Horse will continue into "season 9," with the return of everyone's favorite by werewolf Oz expected. Also, maybe, in the works is the long talked about "Ripper," a BBC TV series that would chronicle the early days of Buffy's watcher, Giles.


Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni died yesterday, the same day as the great Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

Mr. Antonioni is probably best known for “Blow-Up,” a 1966 drama set in Swinging London about a fashion photographer who comes to believe that a photograph he took of two lovers in a public park also shows, hidden in the background, evidence of a murder. But his true, lasting contribution to cinema resides in an earlier trilogy — “L’Avventura” in 1959, “La Notte” in 1960 and “L’Eclisse” in 1962 — which explores the filmmaker’s tormented central vision that people had become emotionally unglued from one another.


Fred Hembeck remembers talk show host Tom Snyder.


Inkworks plans a series of new trading cards based on the upcoming Flash Gordon TV series on the Sci Fi Channel.

In addition to being able to use images from the series, which stars Eric Johnson (who played Whitney Fordman on Smallville) as the eponymous hero, Inkworks will also be able to include images from the rich comic book (and comic strip) history of the classic Flash Gordon property created by Alex Raymond.


Read an interview with mysterious Dial B for Blog/Dial B for Burbank creator "Robby Reed" (who also kindly designed the logo for this site).