New and upcoming action figures Oct. 18, 2007

Complete List of Marvel Legends Action Figures
Complete List of DC Direct Action Figures

Here's a look at action figures available via your local comics shop or via the TIP!-supporting links below:

DC Direct Action Figures

DC Direct New Gods Figures
--Mister Miracle

DC Direct Matt Wagner Trinity Action Figures
--Wonder Woman
--Ras Al Ghul

DC Armory Action Figures

Superman Last Son Action Figures
--Last Son Superman

Shazam Action Figures
--Dr. Sivana
--Captain Marvel Jr.
--Mary Marvel
--Billy Batson and Hoppy
--Captain Marvel

Superman Vs. Doomsday
Lex Luthor and Robot
Solar Suit Superman

Batman and Son
Ninja Man-Bat
Robin and Daimin
The Joker

DC Direct Reactivated Action Figures
--Wonder Woman

DC 13-inch Figures
Green Lantern
Martian Manhunter
Classic Batman
Batgirl gray costume
Batgirl black costume

Elseworlds Action Figures Series 3
--Kingdom Come Aquaman
--Red Son Green Lantern

First Appearance Series 4
--Blue Beetle translucent
--Blue Beetle
--Brave New World Atom
--Brave New World Martian Manhunter
--Brave New World Aquaman

Infinite Crisis Action Figures Series 1
--Earth Prime Superboy
--Alexander Luthor

JSA Action Figures
--Mr. Terrific
--Dr. Midnite
--Golden Age Atom 2-pack

DC Direct Wonder Woman Series 1 Action Figures
--Wonder Woman
--Agent Diana Prince
--Donna Troy as Wonder Woman

DC Direct New Frontier Series 2 Action Figures
--Dr. Fate
--The Flash
--Martian Manhunter

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer action figures
Battle Stretch Mr. Fantastic
Fire Blast Human Torch
Raging Thing
Force Field Invisible Woman
Silver Surfer
Lightning Attack Dr. Doom
Blast-off Human Torch
Super Strength Thing

Hanna Barbera Series 3 Action Figures
--Fred Flintstone Quittin' Time
--Twinkle Toes Fred Flintstone
--Great Grape Ape
--Huckleberry Hound
--The Jetsons
--Secret Squirrel

McFarlane Lost series 3 action figures

Marvel Legends Action Figures

Hasbro Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Action Figures
--Mr. Fantastic
--Invisible Woman
--The Thing
--Human Torch
--Silver Surfer
--Dr. Doom
--Mole Man

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man Action Figures
--Spider-Man (black costume)
--New Goblin
--Mary Jane
--Green Goblin
--Dr. Octopus

Hasbro Marvel Legends Figures Series 3
--Bucky Barnes
--First appearance Captain America
--Marvel Girl Rachel Grey
--Heroes for Hire Black Knight
--Hydra Soldier
--X-3 Colossus
--Astonishing X-Men Cyclops

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 4
--Astonishing X-Men Beast
--Black Bolt
--First-appearance Daredevil

Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 12-inch Action Figures
Series 4

Marvel Legends Masterworks Sets
--Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin
--Fantastic Four Vs. Mole Man
--Hulk Vs. The Thing
--Galactus Vs. Everybody

Marvel Select Figures

Best of Marvel Select Figures
--Grey Hulk
--Ultimate Spider-Man
--Green Goblin

Marvel Sideshow Toys Figures
--Black costume Spider-Man
--White Queen
--White Queen Exclusive