Pop Culture Update Oct. 31, 2007

The Washington Post looks at "Gods of Asgard," a non-Marvel Comics take on the Norse gods.

"Gods of Asgard" is a perfect way to introduce people to these ancient accounts of war, love, avarice, joy and deception — in other words, stories about things modern people will still recognize as being all-too-human and not always superheroic.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers may star in a live-action Mandrake the Magician film.

Mandrake will be an updated version of the Hearst comic book and will be the first joint production by Omega Entertainment and Baldwin Entertainment Group.


The pilot episode for season 4 of "Veronica Mars," which would've placed the title character in the FBI academy and might have saved her for the horribleness of what was season 3, is now online.


The UK's Telegraph looks back at the first Hammer Horror "Dracula" film starring the great Christopher Lee.

This was the first Dracula to be shot in colour, the first to emphasise the theme of sexual awakening, and – surprisingly – the first to feature a British actor in the title role.


The Golden Age of Comic Book Stories blog has a great series of horror film and comic book images in celebration of Halloween. Jon's Random Acts of Geekery also has been posting lots of cool Halloweeny images from the realms of pop culture.


Comic Book Resources has images from this weekend's episode of "The Batman," which pairs the Caped Crusader with the Flash.


Sharity: Spooky Sound Effects.