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Golden Age Comic Book Stories presents a nice array of works by fantasy/pulp artist Hannes Bok.


Nicktoons will air animated Iron Man and Wolverine series in 2009.

The new series match up well with Nicktoons' core audience, boys ages 6 to 14, general manager Keith Dawkins says. Boys make up 65% of the audience for the Nickelodeon property. "Our audience loves superheroes and … animation," he says. The Marvel characters also will help raise the profile of the digital cable network, which reaches 50 million homes.

Other big-screen films are spawning TV animation, too. Nicktoons' animated Speed Racer: The Next Generation premieres May 2, a week before the live-action, big-screen Speed Racer. The computer-animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars opens in theaters in August, leading into a new fall cartoon series on Cartoon Network and TNT.


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