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Golden Age Comic Book Stories posts Basil Wolverton's sole "Meteor Morgan" tale.


David Hajdu's history of the 1950s comic book panic, "The Ten-Cent Plague" gets favorable reviews from The Forward and Harrisburg's Patriot-News.

Hajdu provides a captivating, insightful and detailed look at how American parents in the 1950s became convinced that the crime, horror and romance comics their kids were devouring would turn them into sociopaths.

He builds his history slowly, taking readers through a basic history of how the medium took shape in America and describing how artists such as Charles Biro and publishers such as EC's Bill Gaines saw a way to sell books by offering lurid, pulpy stories of criminals, killers, vampires and other monsters.


The Disney Channel is doing an animated update of Enid Blyton's "Famous Five."

The animated series was given the seal of approval by Blyton's eldest daughter, Gillian Baverstock, before she died at the age of 76 last year.

"We tried to imagine where the original Famous Five would go in their lives," Jeff Norton from Chorion, which owns the rights to Blyton's books, told the Press Association.

"Because George was such an intrepid explorer in the original novels we thought it would be only natural that she travelled to India, to the Himalayas, where she fell in love with Ravvi. That's the back story (to Jo).

"We spoke to Enid Blyton's daughter and she thought her mother would love what we have done," he added.



Dial B for Blog posts an interesting Easter offering from Neal Adams.


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