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Doc Lehman posts another batch of vintage comic book photos and newsstand photos from the 1930s and 40s. Hey Doc, if you have room in that time machine, I'd like to hitch a ride!


Longtime Beatles insider Neil Aspinall passed away while this blog was on break last week. Nobody had a greater claim to the title of Fifth Beatle than him, having started as the band's road manager in the early 60s and going on to oversee their Apple Corps empire. Paul McCartney pays tribute here, and Yoko Ono remembers here.


Speaking of Beatles, here's comic book great Jack Kirby's illustration of Paul and Linda McCartney, and the story of how the King met the couple.


The comic book world is abuzz over a recent court decision granting the heirs of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster partial rights to their creation, Superman. It remains to be seen how all this will affect future Superman movies, comics, etc., but you can get a pretty good overview on things from this New York Times article.


In other major comic book news, DC Comics plans a hardcover reprint of the classic "The Monster Society of Evil" storyline, which first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #22-46. More than a year ago, I'd speculated such a project was in the works many months ago, so it's great to have official confirmation.

Comics scribe/historian Roy Thomas wrote a lengthy piece about the storyline in his fab Alter Ego mag last year. You can read it here.

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