Superman at 70: Super stuff!

The first appearance of Superman, in Action Comics #1, was published 70 years ago this summer. It's hard to imagine American culture without him, or the zillion super-heroes that followed in his wake.

And while the presence of so many other heroes may've eclipsed the Man of Steel's popularity somewhat, he's still around us everywhere--in comics, on t-shirts, on TV and in toy stores. He's been merchandised nearly as much as Snoopy or Mickey Mouse.

I enjoy collecting images of pop culture ephemera (you have seen this site, haven't you?) and I thought it'd be fun to share some pics of various vintage Superman stuff.

I'll have several other Superman-related posts in coming days. Enjoy!

Syroco Superman statue

Superman horse shoe set

Superman swim fins

Superman Muscle-building set

Superman Crazy Foam

Superman light switch cover

Superman puzzle

Superman swinging toy

Superman wallet

Superman roller skates

Superman record player

Rubber Superman figure

Superman ash tray(!)

Superman squirt gun


Board game: box, pieces, interior, spinner.
Book, autographed by creators.
Captain Action figure (I think).
Ceramic bust.
Ceramic figures with telephone booth.
Colorforms set (box). interior.
Film strip.
Flying toy.
Folding tables.
Krypto Raygun (box).
Magic kit: 1, 2.
Macy's "Superman Adventure" admission ticket.
Premium picture. 2.
Picture disk, cover.
"Pinball" game
"Red Backs
Ring (metal).
Ring (Kelloggs.
Rollover plane.
Scrap book.
Socks (box).
Superboy game. Box. Board.
Watches: 1, 2.
Wooden figure, 2.
Wooden figurine.