Pop links--All-Beatles edition: Macca levitates, Gladwell's goofy Beatles theories, Beatle amp found in shed

Paul McCartney will play a benefit for director/meditation enthusiast David Lynch's Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and Peace, which is hoping to promote world peace by teaching children how to, um, fly.

Followers...believe that enlightenment and world peace can be achieved if just one per cent of the population practise yogic flying, which they claim is a type of consciousness-driven levitation.

"Every child should have one class period a day to dive within himself and experience the field of silence-bliss – the enormous reservoir of energy and intelligence which is deep within all of us," Lynch wrote on his website.


Here's the New Musical Express on why Malcolm Gladwell is out to lunch when it comes to his theories about the Beatles and success.


I've said it before, how come I never find anything cool in my shed? Here's the latest Beatles-related shed discovery courtesy of the Liverpool Echo:

AN AMPLIFIER discovered in a Liverpool shed was almost certainly used by The Beatles.

It was found a few streets away from George Harrison’s old home in Woolton.

A relative of Beatles memorabilia collector Stan Cargill was asked to clear the shed. To his amazement, the amp was a Vox AC30, as used by The Beatles to get their distinctive sound.