Pop links: Kirby photo montages, No-go on Lennon brothers gig, McCartney on Colbert

Via The Comics Reporter: Bully takes a look at some of those cool photo montages Jack Kirby did in Marvel Comics in the 1960s.

(This one is my new desktop pattern)


Julian Lennon says, rumors to the contrary, he and his half-brother Sean will not be performing together at a UN fundraiser.

The speculation about the duo performance started on Thursday when Fox News columnist Roger Friedman reported that the two would take the stage at the UN Millennium Goal Awards on February 26. The brothers have never performed together in public.

However, the junior Lennon has lashed out at Friedman on his MySpace blog saying that the "news today about Sean & I playing together at the UN Awards came directly out of Roger Friedman's ass!"

"Do they ever tell the truth at FOX?" he added.


Happy birthday friend-0f-this-blog Fred Hembeck!



Here's Paul McCartney on "The Colbert Report."