Update on DC's Doc Savage revival

Still no info on what's up with DC Comics' cryptic hint at a new Doc Savage comics series yesterday, but Newsarama had dug up some history on the image that the publisher released.

...the image is actually a portion of a nearly year-old image Brian Stelfreeze posted on his blog back in August 2008. That’s right: it’s looking like a crossover between the Man of Bronze and The Spirit, with some Blackhawk thrown in. And looking at the upper image again, the female character and panther has been Photoshopped out, with her silhouette remaining.

Interesting. So will Stelfreeze be the artist on this new project, or somebody else. I like the style used in the pic and hope they go with that approach--somewhat cartoony. Y'know, Darwyn Cooke would be great on a Doc Savage comic...

ALSO: The "female character" in the pic is Rima the Jungle Girl.

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