Pop links: Popeye pop art; Torchwood star peeved; Mickey Mouse Transformer; Romita Sr. covers Spidey #600; Sea World superheroes; Dalek art!

An exhibit of Popeye-influenced works created by American pop artist Jeffrey Koons is on display in England.

Popeye and Olive Oyl are central to the series, with many of the pieces on loan from both public and private collections.

The exhibition also includes dolphins, a paddling pool, monkeys and lobsters which, at first glance, look like inflatable toys.


"Torchwood" star John Barrowman isn't happy that the BBC cut season three of the show from 13 to 5 episodes.

The BBC said it wanted to create "a powerful sense of event" with Children of Earth, which will start on Monday.

Barrowman told the Radio Times: "I'm going to get a little political and I'll probably get into trouble for it."

He said Torchwood's first series had been "the most successful show on BBC3 - ever" and, as a result, had been moved to BBC Two where "we were beating shows that had been on BBC Two for a long time".

"The decision was made to go to BBC One and then we were cut - from 13 episodes down to five."

..."Other shows move from BBC Three and Two to One and they don't get cut.

"So why are we? It felt like every time we moved we had to prove ourselves."


Mickey Mouse Transformer!


Here's a look at the great John Romita Sr.'s cover for Amazing Spider-Man #600, on sale July 22. The anniversary ish also features a script co-written by Stan Lee.


DC Superheroes at Sea World, 1976!


Via The Comics Reporter: Exdrawminate is a blog featuring various artists' renditions of Daleks!

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