Classic Disney comics return in October!

Boom! Studios is bringing Disney's classic comic book characters back to the stands in a big way this fall. Gemstone's license to publish comics featuring Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and the like ran out a while back, and Boom! is picking up where they left off.

Check out these solicitations for October. I don't know how much I'll enjoy the sci-fi/fantasy-themed Donald and Mickey comics. I'm more of a Carl Barks guy, myself. But it looks like there's plenty here for everyone to enjoy. I know my kids will enjoy seeing some of this stuff.

Written by Bruno Enna, art by Donald Soffritti.
The Quack is back in this first BOOM! Kids issue! He's no double "o" seven, he's Double Duck! Donald shows us his dashing, adventurous side as a secret agent on a mission to stop a dangerous ice-melting machine and save the world from rising oceans! This is a Donald Duck like you've never seen! A brand-new start at a brand new company for one of the world's most iconic characters and longest-lived, most-published comic book series!
24 pages, $2.99.

Written and art by Don Rosa.
Greed is good! BOOM! Kids proudly collects The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck in a gorgeous hardcover collection like nothing you've ever seen before. These stories, written and drawn by legendary cartoonist Don Rosa, chronicle Scrooge McDuck's fascinating life. See how Scrooge earned his "Number One Dime" and began to build his fortune!
112 pages, $24.99.

Written by Stefano Ambrosio, art by Lorenzo Pastrovicchio.
The epic "Wizards of Mickey" tale continues! Student of the great wizard Grandalf, Mickey Mouse hails from the humble village of Miceland. Allying himself with Donald Duck (who has a pet dragon named Fafnir) and teammate Goofy, Mickey quests to find a magical crown that will give him mastery over all spells!
24 pages, $2.99.

Written and art by various.
You will feel the need for Greed! Follow the adventures of everyone's favorite feathered penny pincher! An all-new direction for icon Uncle Scrooge, as he comes to BOOM! Kids. Building on a tradition created by some of the greatest creators the comic book world has ever seen, like Carl Barks and Don Rosa, these issues of Uncle Scrooge will follow Scrooge on new adventures that North American audiences have never seen! Join us in a bold new era for Scrooge that pays tribute to the past but heads to a new future!
24 pages, $2.99.

Written and art by various.
Don't be a Scrooge McDuck this Christmas season! It's the perfect present! BOOM! Kids has raided the Disney publishing archives and searched every nook and cranny this Christmas season to find the best and the greatest stories from Disney's vast comic book publishing history for this "best of" compilation. A timeless classic from the world's most iconic characters that should be on every shelf, Walt Disney's Christmas Classics are an essential this holiday season for family fun! Featuring artists such as Carl Barks, Walt Kelly, Daan Jippes, Floyd Gottfredson and more!
112 pages, $24.99.

Written by Riccardo Secchi, art by Stefano Turconi.
The third longest-running comic book series in Direct Market history hits its 700th issue! Right behind Detective and Action Comics, and logging more issues than Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man, or Thor, Walt Disney's Comics & Stories enters a bold new era at BOOM! Kids with a bang! Featuring a brand new team of super-heroes culled from Disney's Mickey and Donald universe come adventure with The Duck Avenger, Super Goofy, and the man Mickey himself!
24 pages, $2.99.