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Read an interview with the great comics artist Jim Steranko. Interesting tidbit:

Steranko [let] fans know that Marvel would be releasing a new "S.H.I.E.L.D" collection, for which he'd written the introduction.

"The editor asked me if I could talk about the things I've done, and if there's anything I haven't talked about yet. There's a lot that has never been discussed, and I think the book might be out in December," said Steranko, adding, "They asked me if I could do it in 500 words. It's 6,300 words."


In a move that doesn't bode well for the struggling series, Fox won't air "Dollhouse" during the November ratings sweeps.

Bottom line: Barring a ratings miracle, Dollhouse will be shut down for good after it completes its current 13-episode order.


See an "Addams Family" Halloween episode, with special guest star Don Rickles.


More Halloween: Monster trading cards!