Is Marvel's Heroic Age simply Disneyification or a shift to better, more reader-accessible comics?

The optimist in me hopes that this news means a return to Marvel Comics that are more fun and pleasant to read. They cynic figures it's just another "event" that ultimately won't change anything while earning Marvel a bundle in fanboy cash in the process.

Here's what Marvel says:
Marvel Comics is proud to announce The Heroic Age, the dawn of an exciting new era of heroism in the Marvel Universe! Beginning in May 2010 with the release of AVENGERS #1, The Heroic Age ushers in a brighter Marvel Universe and a bold new era for the world's greatest super heroes as they emerge from darkness with a renewed sense of hope and optimism, leading to the formation of all new teams with new members...and brand new characters! Titles branded with the Heroic Age banner offer a perfect jumping on point for readers new and old alike, as the top comic book creators in the world deliver a Marvel Universe like you've never seen before!
 And here's a story by USA Today:
All this would be of interest only to comic fans except it comes just months after Disney purchased Marvel for $4 billion and as Iron Man 2 and other Marvel films are on the way.

It also could mark a major shift in comic book storytelling, which took a turn to grittier stories after the success of DC's The Dark Knight Returns and Marvel's more adult take on Daredevilin the 1980s.

Quesada says that Marvel's return to "good guys" was in the works for two years, was finalized eight months ago and that the Disney takeover had no role.

"There is no sanitizing of the Marvel books at all," he says, promising stories will remain "edgy" and contemporary. "Our philosophy here is to just keep telling good stories."
My wish: Marvel stories that are fun, ok for kids and adults alike to read, and which aren't steeped in artificial "darkness" in the guise of sophistication.

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