Pop links: Stan Lee! New Gorillaz and Broken Bells albums streaming!

Not only does Stan Lee have a new series coming out in collaboration with Archie Comics (The Super Seven, mentioned here a week back or so), but he's collaborating with Boom! Comics, as well. The deal was hinted at via a bunch of crypic "Stan's Back" ads placed on various comics Web sites.

According to a Boom! press release, the partnership will premier three new super hero titles presented by Lee. Boom! EiC Mark Waid ("Irredeemable," "Incorruptible") and two other writers will be steering the titles beginning later this year, along with unannounced artists.

So, despite the hype, these titles are really Stan "presenting" stuff, as he did for years after his writing days at Marvel, not really taking an active, creative role, it seems. Not surprising, or shameful, at this point of his life and career. But also not much to get overly excited about.


NPR is featuring a free listen of the new album by Gorillaz, the cartoon pop/hip-hop band helmed by former Blur singer Damon Albarn. I like their past stuff, so I'll be checking it out.


This seems like it could be great -- also on NPR:

Broken Bells' self-titled debut, available here in its entirety for the week leading up to its release on March 9, is a smart pop record full of melody and invention. It's pretty and at times unorthodox, and it finds both Brian Burton (a.k.a. Danger Mouse) and James Mercer (of The Shins) drawing on each other's talents to make a record unique to each of them.


  1. Maybe the best way of looking at all these projects "presented" by Stan is that each comics publisher is taking a turn at honoring him while the guy is still around to enjoy the accolades. I don't know what the sales have been like on any of these projects, though I notice no publisher has ever tried to keep any of the properties going for any length of time. It really seems to be just a way of saluting him with no expectation of future dividends; if I were a comics publisher, I'd want to do the same.


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