Beatles "time-travel comedy" in the works

The idea of Beatles and time travel appeals to me, but this premise seems a tad dense and mean-spirited:

The script, penned by Chris McCoy, centers on the discovery of a time machine by two die-hard Beatles fans, who travel back in time to prevent John Lennon from meeting Yoko Ono, who they blame for the break-up of the Fab Four.

Personally, I think it would be cool to see the Beatles doing the time traveling.

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  1. This is an asinine idea and amazingly insulting to Yoko. I'm sorry but whether or not fans liked Yoko, John LOVED her and she did not break up the Beatles. In fact, they may have lasted as long as they did only because Yoko gave John some respite from being a Beatle. Without her, I'm betting the White Album would have been their last.