Spider-Man musical, you guessed it....

Delayed again (not that I'll likely make it to Broadway to see it anyway, but I find the whole debacle interesting. Like everyone else, I guess.) This time the delay is so cast members can rehearse a new ending. Hopefully nobody will get hurt.

The show had been scheduled to open in February.

Earlier this month it was announced that U2 stars Bono and The Edge, who wrote the score, would return from touring to help fix the show's problems.

Four actors from the production have been injured during previews, while frequent technical glitches and negative early assessments from critics have caused further problems.

In December lead actress Natalie Mendoza announced she was pulling out of the show.

Despite its fraught preview performances, the musical is still selling out the 1,930-seat Foxwoods theatre in Times Square almost every night.

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