Paul McCartney is cool with bootleg remixes of the Beatles

Paul McCartney thinks illegitimate remixes of Beatles tunes are just fine with him.

He said: "I didn't mind when something like that happened with the Grey Album. But the record company minded. They put up a fuss. But it was like, 'Take it easy guys, it's a tribute.'"

Macca wants more producers to sample The Beatles.

He told Radio 1 documentary The Beatles And Black Music, to be broadcast next Monday: "It was really cool when hip-hop started, you would hear references in lyrics, you always felt honoured.

"It's exactly what we did in the beginning - introducing black soul music to a mass white audience. It's come full circle, it's well cool.

"When you hear a riff similar to your own your first feeling is 'rip-off'. After you've got over it you think, 'Look at that, someone's noticed that riff.'"

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