Plug: CBS Radio Mystery Theater site

Audio drama and old time radio is one of my myriad pop cultural interests, so I want to direct you to a great site that presents what was one of OTR's last gasps: CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

I remember listening to these shows over the car radio on family road trips and being transported (while I was being transported!) by the spooky/suspenseful stories and high-caliber acting. Episodes were stand-alone stories introduced by actor E.G. Marshall.

Not only does this site present the original programs, but includes cast info and historical background.

For those unfamiliar with the program, here are some details from the site:
In 1974 long-time radio producer Himan Brown convinced CBS to green-light a new anthology of Radio Dramas, CBS Radio Mystery Theater (CBSRMT). Radio Drama had been declared "dead" twelve years before.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater was meant to appeal to an audience that remembered when radio drama was a popular form of family entertainment.

Riding on the wave of nostalgia fever, the radio show attracted many younger listeners who would stay up late, hidden under their covers to hear the program on their bedroom radio (and many of them were not able to go to sleep after listening to the frightening program!) CBSRMT was able to attract a wide array of talent.

Many of the voices that were popular during the Golden Age of Radio made appearances on CBS Radio Mystery Theater, and younger talent, often from CBS Daytime Television and NY area stage was used as well.


  1. Been listening to a lot of these lately. They really seem a whole different animal than actual OTR but still very well done for the most part and lots of familiar voices like Fred Gwynne and Tony Roberts...and even Morgan Fairchild!

  2. I strongly recommend ZBS Media's audio dramas to all fans of this sort of thing. Been a Jack Flanders fan since 1976!