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20th Century Boy - The Marc Bolan Story Available on BBC iPlayer
Paul Sexton looks at glam rock star Marc Bolan's life, music and legacy.

Jerseybeat: the Four Seasons Story Available on BBC iPlayer
How an underachieving bunch of singers from New Jersey rose to international stardom

Anthony Hope - The Prisoner of Zenda
Swashbuckling adventure set in fictional Ruritania in the 1890s. Starring Douglas Hodge

Dashiell Hammett - Secret Agent X-9
Dashiell Hammett's thriller stars Stuart Milligan and Connie Booth

Doctor Who
Time-travelling adventure series

The Goon Show
Classic material from one of the all-time radio comedy greats

Scots Gothic: A Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe in Ayrshire
Billy Kay discovers whether Poe's imagination was born from a childhood visit to Scotland.

Stories of Ray Bradbury
Short stories from the celebrated science fiction writer. Read by Sean Barrett

Terry Pratchett - Mort
Dramatistaion of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel in which Death takes an apprentice

Terry Pratchett - Night Watch
Captain Vimes confronts his past - literally. Comic fantasy starring Ben Onwukwe

The Psychedelic Spy
Andrew Rissik's thriller, starring James Aubry and Gerald Harper