Rare Yvonne Craig as Batgirl photos


  1. I found an article in an old TV GUIDE that makes a very early reference to the plan to bring Batgirl into the series but says she was to be played by Yvonne Adair.

    There WAS an actress name that but she was at least 15-20 years older, having debuted on Broadway back in the late forties. Did the mag name her by mistake, was she seriously considered for the role or did Yvonne CRAIG at one point plan to change her name to that (perhaps only to be told there was already an actress named that?).

    Personally I think it was just TV GUIDE's mistake but who knows?

  2. Steve,
    What was the date of the TV Guide? I wonder if it predates Detective Comics #359 (cover-dated Jan 1967 (Mike's Amazing World of Comics lists on sale Nov 29, 1966))? For comparison, http://www.tvobscurities.com/articles/batgirl/ lists "Batman In Third Season; Batgirl, New Guests Planned.” Associated Press, 13 Aug. 1967.

  3. The TV GUIDE article I had was from March of 1967. Most likely the pilot had already been shot, lifting as it did the Killer Moth character (in name at least) from Batgirl's comic book debut. As of March, however, it looks as though it wasn't a sure thing that the show would be back at all the following September. Once it WAS renewed, it went on, as planned, to feature Batgirl.


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